Entdecken Sie Novembres grüne Magie: Sojawachs-Kerzen aus Berlin für ein umweltfreundliches Zuhause

Discover Novembre's Green Magic: Soy Wax Candles from Berlin for an Eco-Friendly Home

Discover Novembre's green magic

The world is facing unprecedented environmental impact, and it's up to all of us to seek sustainable alternatives and make eco-friendly choices. Novembre, a Berlin-based company, is dedicated to making environmentally conscious, handmade candles and home & deco items. Here, we introduce you to Novembre's green magic and how the Berlin-based company is making a difference with its handmade soy wax candles.


A heart for handmade

The foundation of Novembre is a love of craftsmanship. All candles and home & deco items are made by talented artisans in Berlin. By opting for local handwork, long transport routes are avoided and CO2 emissions are reduced. In addition, Novembre supports the local economy and promotes the artisan culture of the region.

The power of soy wax

One of the main features of Novembre's products is the use of soy wax as a base for their candles. Compared to traditional kerosene wax, soy wax is more environmentally friendly, sustainable and healthy. It is made from soybeans, which are considered a renewable resource and have less environmental impact compared to petroleum. Soy wax candles burn longer and cleaner, release less soot, and contribute to better indoor air quality.

Sustainable packaging and materials

Novembre places great emphasis on sustainability in their choice of materials and packaging. They use recycled and recyclable materials to minimize their company's environmental footprint. By choosing environmentally friendly materials and packaging solutions, Novembre helps reduce the amount of waste and plastic pollution.

Our mission

Novembre is a company actively committed to environmental protection and sustainability. By manufacturing handmade soy wax candles and eco-friendly home & deco items in Berlin, Novembre helps reduce its ecological footprint while raising awareness for environmentally conscious choices. Discover the green magic of Novembre and bring a piece of eco-friendly elegance into your home.
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