At novembre, we embrace the philosophy that less is more. When you decorate your home with intention, you create space for the things that truly matter. With slow living at the heart of everything we do, novembre honours the beauty of a purposeful life.

We strive to provide carefully crafted products that not only look beautiful but also restore a sense of calm and ease. From hand-poured candles that champion eco-friendly materials to thoughtfully designed home decor, each piece in our collection reflects our commitment to empowering you to create space to breathe, reflect, and celebrate life’s in-between moments.

Turning a Moment of Serenity into a Passion for Modern Simplicity

The story of novembre began in our cozy apartment in the heart of Berlin, one of the most vibrant cities in the world. Like most of us, we were locked in our apartment during the height of the pandemic. But instead of feeling crushed, we enjoyed the rare moment of serenity. Without the distractions of everyday life, we began to explore, craft and play - creating everything from handmade candles to minimalist home design.

Little did we know at the time that this journey of gentle exploration would change the course of our lives. We were driven to trade in the constant comfort of the corporate ladder to pursue our passion for sharing all things meaningful and beautiful. And so, one winter evening, novembrewas born.

Experience the Romance of novembre

Inspired by the coziness of Berlin in November, when the city comes to life in the glow of flickering lights and inviting cafes, novembre is the space where warmth meets minimalism.

As a small, founder-run company, we take pride in sustainable processes that celebrate our ‘less is more’ approach to design, production, and our impact on the environment. Every item in our collection is handcrafted in our Berlin apartment (studio), the same sacred space where our journey began. We specialise in 100% soy wax candles that are handmade with love, ensuring a long-lasting and environmentally-friendly burn, free from animal cruelty. Our home decor accessories, including versatile trays, minimalist bookends, sleek coasters, and statement vases, are crafted in small batches with utmost care and meticulous attention to the finer details.

Like a roaring fireplace on a chilly winter evening, we invite you to snuggle up and indulge in self-care, relaxation, and reflection. Visit our online store to explore our collection of hand-poured candles, consciously crafted home decor, and lifestyle essentials designed to help you create your own sanctuary.

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