Collection: Scented Candles by novembre

Lights on for a magical announcement!
It's time to enchant your senses! On October 4th at 6 p.m. we will bring a bright new product directly to your home: Our four new scented candle variants will go online and promise to fill every room with a uniquely soothing atmosphere.
Each of our candles has been created with the utmost care and attention to detail to create a distinctive and heavenly fragrance composition. Whether gentle and calming or invigorating and refreshing - there is something for every taste and every mood.
Get the matches ready and immerse yourself in a world where the essence of hand-picked ingredients combines with the gentle glow of the flame to create a symphony for the senses.
From the first spark to the last flickering flame – our scented candles invite you to enjoy moments of peace and escape from everyday life.
Let yourself be enchanted and be there when we light the light of our new collection on October 4th at 6 p.m. Your home will never be the same again.
See you online – your November team!
PS: Be the first to enjoy the new fragrances and secure your favorite sample just in time for the launch! Take a look and let yourself be inspired.